Rewriting history doesn’t erase your crimes

Queen Victoria was a heinous bitch and before I spill the tea on this Dumb AF queen of tiny, no-sunshine island in europe, y’all can watch this Dumb AF trailer right here:

Now the tea (it’s Earl Grey): As I was saying, queen victoria was a heinous bitch. Actually, let me amend that. She wasn’t just a heinous bitch. She was also a parasite. She and her entire anglo-saxon greedy country robbed India among several other countries in South Asia and the African continent.

They stole our wealth. They made us hate our skin. They enslaved us. But now they want to show this “Empress of India” as if all she wants is to eat a mango, learn Urdu and read the Qu’ran. That’s a glorious way of looking at history if you forget the fact that the British Empire destroyed a country, aggressed religious factions and caused the partition of India into two separate nation-states now known as India and Pakistan.

Abdul Karim was a real person and was queen victoria’s servant and attendant. He was the servant and attendant of the woman who called herself the Empress of his country. Whatever friendship that Hollywood wants to portray in this movie, it must be understood that their dynamic in real life was grotesquely unbalanced, unequal and imperialistic.

We don’t know anything about Abdul in this “Victoria and Abdul,” trailer other than he has to deliver a coin to the Queen of England because the big white commander told him to. Abdul’s role is to educate his oppressor about the cultural practices of his country onto which she’s inflicting violence everyday. This brown character’s entire purpose is to make this old demon feel good about herself as she profits off of the exploitation of entire regions of the world. Cool story, bro. 

This film along with the other terrible forthcoming film “Viceroy’s Houseis a painful approach by the oppressor to rewrite themselves as the shining white savior. Do not be fooled. The U.K. is a developed nation today with a competitive economy because of the wealth they stole from centuries of imperial colonial rule and oppression. You will never get to rewrite yourself as the savior when you have blood on your hands.

Here’s a select list of a few but not all of the crimes committed against India by the British occupation or British Raj that went on from 1858-1947 until India’s Partition in 1947:

So, instead of wiping away our history and propping up themselves as Angelic White Heroes, here’s what Hollywood can do instead:

But since y’all are out here retelling our stories, let me retell your movie. There.

I retold your movie in a more accurate set of memes. Have fun! Toodles & Cheerio! 


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